Cabo 10,000

Article No. : CB-10000

Customizable for the Larger Yacht or Commercial Vessel

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    The Cabo 10,000 is for the megayacht and commercial vessel that need the ultimate in advanced desalination technology. Using Spectra’s SP-20 Pearson Pump technology these units produce a luxurious 10,000 gallons per day (37,500 liters per day). Wash down the decks, clean the windows, take long, uninterrupted showers with your unlimited supply of clean, safe fresh water.  The Cabo 10,000 can desalinate water with amazingly little energy; as low as 8 Watts per gallon, or 2 Watts per liter. Each Cabo system is completely customizable. With a variety of options and equipment, Spectra will design a complete operating system to suit your specific needs. 
    Water source:Salt water
    Product category desalination:Marine, stationary
    System type:commercial
    Water Source:AC
    Output per Time (gal/L): 420 gal (1575 l) every hour
    Capacity Rating (gal/L day):10,000 gal (37,854 l) a day
    Usage:220v-240v AC 20A to 24A 5 Kilowatts Systems available up to 480v AC
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