Katadyn Rapidyn Siphon Kit

Article No. : 8020729

This product is only available for humanitarian aid organizations.

Katadyn Rapidyn Siphon Kit is an emergency filter for small to large groups in temporary need of water filtration solution. 

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    The Katadyn Rapidyn Siphon Kit is a  ceramic microfilter and removes bacteria, protozoa, sediments as well as particles larger than 0.2 microns without the use of chemicals. However, no essential minerals are removed. All delivered parts last for up to 20.000 liters with no need for replacement.  The output is up to 4L/h.

    A great advantage of this filter is that the bucket size can be selected by the user and therefore also the group size. It is important that the bucket has an inside diameter of at least 27 cm and is made of food-safe material. Buckets are not included. What you also need is a canister to store your water.

    There is no need for pumping or connecting to a faucet.

    For safe drinking water, these three steps are necessary:

    • Preparation of the bucket
    • Setup according to Quick Start Guide
    • Ready to filter water

    If you need further information please consider our fact sheet. 

    This filter meets the "Highly Protective" requirements of the WHO Household Water Treatment Standard for bacteria and protozoa.


    Water source:Clear Water, muddy water
    Group size:>10, 2-5
    Product type:gravity system
    Treated Quantity (L):20000
    Effective against:microorganisms
    Filter material:ceramic
    Effective against:bacteria, protozoa, cysts, sediments
    Output:4 Liter / hour
    Field cleanable:yes
    Length (mm):245
    Width (mm):55
    Height (mm):82
    Weight (g):240

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