Ventura 200T

Article No. : VT-200-T

Basic watermaker control at a distance, optimized for warmer waters.

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  • Installation Kit, Handheld Salinity Meter, Product Sample Valve

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    The same size as the Ventura 150, but designed for warm water above 50°F (10C), the Ventura 200R-T delivers over 8 gallons (31liters) per hour. With its modular design, it’s an ideal system for installation in tight spaces whether you’re cruising or racing. The Ventura 200R-T features Manual Remote control with Spectra’s simple and reliable controller. This simplified controller can be mounted remotely and offers basic control of the watermaker, including freshwater flush with a set duration, perfectly bridging the gap between our full manual and completely automated watermaker systems. Add the Z±ION Membrane Protection System to extend storage times for up to 30 days.

    Product category desalination:Marine, stationary
    Selection 1 Desal:Marine
    Selection 2 Desal:powered
    System type:analog
    Water Source:DC
    Output per Time (gal/L):8.3 gal (31 l) every hour
    Capacity Rating (gal/L day):200 gal (757 l) a day
    Usage:12v DC 10A / 24v DC 5A 14.5 Watts/1 gal. 4 Watts/1 liter

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