LB 400

Article No. : LB-400

Spectra LB 400. 16 Gallons/Hr Using External Feed Pump (3 GPM @ 100 PSI)

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    The LB 400 is one of the most advanced, energy efficient, and easy-to-use reverse osmosis watermakers available. These systems are engineered for stationary applications to provide 16 gallons of fresh water per hour (64 Liters/hour) and can run up to 12 hours per day from salty or brackish water. These units are built using Spectra’s revolutionary and proprietary Clark Pump, a high pressure intensifier that makes the watermaker so energy efficient that they are often powered by solar panels or a wind generator.These systems are supplied complete with the Spectra Clark Pump and membrane module, filter assembly, feed water flow meter, pressure gauge, product quality test meter, plus fittings, hose, and tubing. The system requires a source pump to pump the raw water to the LB-400. Contact our sales team with site specific details for a quote. 
    Water source:Salt water
    Group size:>10
    Effective against:Salt
    Product category desalination:Land based, stationary
    System type:analog
    Output per Time (gal/L):17 gal/h (64 l)
    Salt rejection:99.40%
    Weight:76 lbs (34.5 kg)
    Usage:300-600w (Contingent on Feed Pump Selection)

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