Steripen Aqua UV Water Purifier

Article No. : AQ-MP-EFG

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    Easy-to-use. Just press button, place in water, and stir. Steripen Aqua provides value-priced UV water treatment with the same effective technology. Perfect for occasional travel and home emergency kits – lasts for up to 3,000 liters of water purification.  

    Effect: Eliminates bacteria, protozoa and viruses

    Treatment size: ½ or 1 liter

    Treatment time: 48 or 90 seconds

    Lamp Life: 3000 activations

    Battery: 4 AA batteries Alkaline, Lithium or Rechargeable NiMH

    Purifies 50 liters of water on one set of alkaline batteries or supercharge you Aqua with lithium batteries and you will treat about 150 liters.

    Steripen Aqua is the most economical UV water purifier around and since it carries the Water Quality Association’s Gold Seal, you can be sure it is safe and effective.  

    It quickly makes water safe to drink in three easy steps:
    1. Press button to activate
    2. Place lamp in water
    3. Stir

    Water source:clear water, Tap Water
    Group size:1, 2-5
    Product type:UV pen
    Effective against:cysts, protozoa, bacteria, microorganisms, virus
    Selection 1:personal-water-treatment
    Selection 2:purification
    Effective against:virus, bacteria, protozoa, cysts
    Output (L/click):1 click = 0.5 liter, 2 clicks = 1 liter
    Weight (g):178 g
    Batteries required:yes
    Batteries included:no
    Battery Type:4 AA
    Approx Treatments (battery sets):20/80-100/150
    Approx Treatments (battery charge):Alkaline batteries: approx. 50 liters per set (depending on water quality). NiMH performance varies by mAh rating: 2300 provides about 100 liters. Lithium are the most economical choice.
    UV lamp life:3000 activations

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