Electro-Katadyn EK-X/24

Article No. : 8020726, 8020727, 8020728

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    Disinfection and conservation of water with silver ions. The Electro-Katadyn system is adding silver ions to the water by an electrolytic process. Preserves natural taste of water. Long conservation of water. Requires smallest amounts of silver (no health hazard). The Electro-Katadyn EK-X is a silver ionizing unit that is available in the following versions:

    Art. Nr.




    EK-X/24 ST

    Standard version
    Anodes sold seperately (Art. Nr. 37000)


    EK-X/24 LC

    Low Conductivity version
    Anodes sold seperately (Art. Nr. 37000)


    EK-X/24 SA

    Sanitary version (no valves included)
    Anodes sold seperately (Art. Nr. 37000)

    Includes: control box, flow switch at inlet, sample tap at outlet.

    Price upon request.

    Product Type:electroSystem
    Connections:G1" Inlet/Outlet
    Operating Pressure:1-6 bar
    Flow:20m3/h per Anode @ 0.02ppm Ag+ dosage in bypass configuration
    Treatment volume per anode:4000 m3 (at 0.05 ppm Ag+); 2000 m3 (at 0.1 ppm Ag+)
    Weight dry (kg):28 with 6 Anodes
    Electrical Power:40W
    Water source:Tap Water

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