Offshore Kit 7% & 10% Clark Pump

Article No. : KIT-OFFSH

Rebuild a Clark Pump in the Field

Whats in the box
  • Seal and O-Ring Kit,Annular Rings,Reversing Valve Spool,Section of Nylon High Pressure Tubing ,High Pressure Fittings,SC-2 Alkaline Cleaning Chemical,SC-3 Acid Cleaning Chemical,Tools,Instructions

  • Product Information
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    The Offshore Kit includes a seal and o-ring kit, annular rings, reversing valve spool, a section of nylon high pressure tubing, high pressure fittings, acid and alkaline membrane cleaning solutions, and the tools and instruction manuals required for a Clark Pump rebuild in the field.  Be sure to order the correct Offshore Kit for your system, this kit fits Ventura 150, Ventura 150 MPC, Ventura 200T, Ventura 200T MPC, Cape Horn Extreme, Catalina, Newport 400, Spectra 200c, Spectra 380c, and Spectra 180c systems.
    Product category desalination:Spare Part
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