Aquifer 200 Flight Ready

Article No. : AF-FLR-200

Self-contained desalination system, designed for transport as luggage on commercial flights.

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    The Aquifer 200 Flight Ready is built into three heavy duty plastic roller cases that are baggage weight compliant and is ready for use with multiple power sources (100 - 240v AC, 12v and 24v DC or included solar panels).The system uses dual Shurflo submersible feed pumps for reliability and features simple analog controls and gauages.The Flight Ready Aquifers are an ideal solution when arriving at an area where the water conditions are unknown.  The system can purify salt water, brackish water or fresh water with no adjustment required.  These are curcial tools for disaster relief, survival and exploration. 
    Water source:Salt water
    Product category desalination:Land based, portable
    System type:analog
    Output per Time (gal/L):8.3 gal (31 l) every hour
    Usage:110 W

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