Aquifer 200 EXP Flight Ready Watermaker

Article No. : AF-200-EX-FL

Flight Ready Watermaker - External Power Required

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    Combine with Aquifer Solar Power Pack (KIT-AF-FLRPS3P24) to create a self-contained system.

    The Aquifer 200 Expedition Flight-Ready watermaker offers an easy-to-use, lightweight, and portable way to purify water from virtually any water source. The Aquifer systems are built into rugged, military-grade molded plastic cases that are engineered to survive the outdoor environment. The watermakers in the Aquifer 200 Expedition can provide 8 gallons/hour (30 Liters/hour) of purified water from salty, brackish, or freshwater.The Aquifer 200 Expedition comes with a Shurflo submersible pump which allows the watermaker to operate farther away from the water source than the standard Aquifer models. The Aquifer 200 Expedition is available in 24VDC and all Aquifers come standard with a Spectra’s unique Clark Pump energy recovery device, product flow meter, pressure gauge, and a hand-held salinity monitor. The Aquifer series is ideal for emergencies, disaster relief, expeditions, military, and recreation. These units are built using Spectra’s revolutionary and proprietary Clark Pump, a high-pressure intensifier that makes the watermaker so energy efficient that they are easily powered by solar panels.  

    Water source:Salt water
    Group size:>10
    Usage:often, daily
    Effective against:Salt
    Product category desalination:Land based, portable
    Operation:solar powered
    System type:analog
    Water Source:DC
    Output per Time (gal/L):8.3 gal/h (31 l)
    Salt rejection:99.40%
    Weight:60 lbs (27.7 kg)
    Usage:24v DC 4.5A 14.5 Watts/1 gal (4 Watts/1 liter)
    Length:31 in (79 cm)
    Height:20.5 in (52 cm)
    Width:15.5 in (40 cm)

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