Newport 400c

Article No. : NP-400C

The Most Automated and Easy-to-Use Watermaker Ever!

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    The Newport 400c is the most energy-efficient, automated, and easy-to-use watermaker available, and comes with the Spectra Connect controller as standard. The Spectra Connect allows you to operate and monitor your watermaker from a remote device, and has added features like the Fill Tank mode, or a customizable Auto Run mode, One-Touch Sensor Calibration, and suggested maintenance intervals displayed on the dashboard, taking the guesswork out of operation and upkeep! The Newport 400c operates on as little as 15 watts per gallon (4 watts per liter), making it possible to run your system on a small generator, solar, wind, or straight off the batteries. Multi-speed capacity allows machine operation on high mode for maximum product flow or low mode for maximum efficiency, making it ideal for onboard power management. 
    Product category desalination:Marine, stationary
    System type:automated
    Water Source:DC
    Output per Time (gal/L):17 gal (64 l) every hour
    Capacity Rating (gal/L day):400 gal (1514 l) a day
    Usage:12v DC 26A / 24v DC 13A / 48v DC 6.5A
    18 Watts/1 gal 4.8 Watts/1 liter

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