Whole Egg Powder 135 g (10 eggs)

Article No. : 30101010

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    Your protein source for on the go! Whether tasty pancakes or French toast, our Whole Egg Powder lets you satisfy all of your sweet cravings even on the go. If you prefer savory cuisine, you can also use the nutrient-rich Powdered Eggs in omelettes, or for scrambled eggs and any other dish with eggs. Just like every other Trek’n Eat product, the Whole Egg Powder is also of course All Natural: No additives including preservatives or flavor enhancers.  135 grams of powder equals 10 eggs.
    Brand:Trek'n Eat
    Solution Category:basics
    Allergens:Gluten Free, Lactose Free
    Shelf life from production (years):5
    Net Weight (g):135

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