M07 14th 2017

The Katadyn Group opens sales and distribution office in Shanghai

The Katadyn Group opened a sales and distribution office in Shanghai, China, on July 1, 2017. Development of the Chinese market has been a part of the longterm strategy for the Asian region.

Jackie Zhang, previously account manager at American Colors Inc., will manage the distribution office in Shanghai. In addition to working with business customers and institutions regarding mobile water treatment, desalination and industrial filters, filtering systems for private homes will also be a priority. 

“We are excited to develop this promising market with additional business areas together with Jackie Zhang. The enormous economic growth of the region and the corresponding growing consumer demand were significant reasons for this strategic step. The new location creates the geographic and cultural proximity needed to optimally serve our customers in China. Only in this way can the Katadyn Group share in the dynamic development in China,” said Adrian Schmassmann, president of Katadyn Group’s board of directors.