M12 15th 2016

Blackout -- Powerlessly in the dark

What if a city, an entire region or even an entire country is without power for several days? One can hardly imagine such a scenario. How well is the public and are officials prepared for a blackout? It is not new advice to have emergency supplies at home to protect yourself in case of a catastrophe. And yet this topic is more newsworthy than ever before. A few months ago, the German Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maizière urged a new public concept for civil defense: Everybody should have on hand an emergency supply of food and water to be able to care for themselves for the first several days in the event of a catastrophe. The Swiss TV station SRF1 will air a special series of shows on Jan. 2  to take a look at the question of what would happen if the public needs to survive for several days without power. The four-hour fictional depiction in a documentary format includes several episodes. Between each episode, experts and the public will have a chance to comment. The fictional shows demonstrate what the effect of a sudden blackout would be on all basic human needs even after one day.