M11 23rd 2016

BeFree by Katadyn – Your reliable water filter for all situations

During a longer period of time far from civilization and fending for yourself, one imperative need is reliable products, essential nutrition and foods, and a safe supply of drinking water. Even water that appears clean can be so highly contaminated with heavy metals, microorganisms or suspended solids that serious health effects cannot be ruled out. As the industry-leading brand for intelligent survival products, the Swiss Katadyn Group offers individual solutions for drinking water treatment, nutritional supply, and outdoor survival gear. New in the collection is the ultralight, flexible BeFree hollow fiber filter. Although weighing in at only 59 grams, it can quickly and reliably treat 0.6 liters of water.

The BeFree has completely avoided any use of fragile engineering. The filter process is accomplished automatically by just applying light pressure while drinking. Cleaning is just as easy by just shaking and swishing the filter. Packing down so tiny, the BeFree can find a spot in every pack – or even in a pant pocket so it is always at hand.

The well-engineered system is made up by a durable, 0.6L BPA- and PVC-free Hydrapak® flask with a 0.1 micron hollow fiber filter and can filter up to approximately 1,000 liters of water. With a wide 42 mm opening, the flask can also be easily filled. Free Flow Channels™ provide fast water flow while drinking In addition, they allow you to clean the EZ-Clean Membrane with just a quick shake and swish of the filter – no backflushing needed. The cap with a protective cover keeps the mouthpiece clean.

Another special feature of the BeFree: It is the only hollow fiber filter on the market for which you can also buy a replacement filter. Plus, you can also replace the mouthpiece. In addition, the BeFree is compatible with all Hydrapak® SoftFlasks™.