M06 22nd 2016

Jost Kobusch conquers Annapurna as the youngest German ever

On May 1, 2016, Jost Kobusch reached the summit of Annapurna in the Himalaya without supplemental oxygen and without the use of Sherpas. This achievement puts the 23 year old in the record books as the youngest German mountaineer to have ever reached the summit. In addition, he is also the second-youngest German who has reached the top of a 8000m peak without supplemental oxygen, and the third-youngest German who has ever stood on a mountain exceeding 8000 meters. 

In selecting his gear, for Jost its weight was a key factor since on a solo expedition every ounce counts for about two without the help of Sherpas. The Katadyn Group supported this young extreme mountaineer with a Polaris Optifuel Multifuel stove and pots from Optimus, as well as freeze-dried expedition meals from Trek’n Eat.